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We'll Buy Your Content...
Yes, we want to give you $20 !
Right now, if you link your website to Coinetize, we will buy $20 of your digital content.
We think this is a great way to get you started with Coinetize.
With Coinetize you can make money from your website in a way you never could before.
Let us show you how. It will be a voyage of discovery - and you'll earn $20 along the way!
With Coinetize you can make money from your website in a way you never could before

What is linking?

When you link to Coinetize, some pages of your site are directed through Coinetize. This means you can charge visitors money to access those pages.

How difficult is linking?

It only takes a minute - but you do need web admin access to your site. If you don't admin your own site, just get your support people to talk to our support people. Simple!

Once I'm linked, then what?

You can continue to use your website as you did before. But you can also easily set fees for links directly on your webpages.

I heard you pay out in Bitcoin. I'm not sure I'm happy about this?

Let me ask you a question: would you rather be paid in Bitcoin, or not get paid at all?
The choice really is that simple - because Coinetize enables a payment method that did not previously exist.

Using Bitcoin means

  • you can be paid immediately when a link is clicked on your site
  • transaction fees are very low
  • you need no ID or credit check to monetize your website
  • you can be anyone, anywhere in the world and still get paid
  • (you don't even need a bank account)

By the way this does not mean your website visitors need Bitcoin. Your website visitors can still buy credits with a credit card.

...this does not mean your website visitors need Bitcoin. Your website visitors can still buy credits with a credit card.

But I don't have a Bitcoin address!

It takes only a minute to get an online Bitcoin wallet - and there are hundreds of great services to choose from. Some suggestions are given below.

We chose these because they also offer currency exchange, and an extra level of security. However, there are many others, and you might want to research what is best for your location and local currency.

North America Circle Sign Up
Europe Xapo Sign Up
Asia CoinHako Sign Up

Claiming your Offer
To claim your offer you should
  1. create a Coinetize account
  2. Verify your Coinetize account
  3. Link your website to Coinetize
  4. Sit back and watch the money come in!
Offer Terms and Conditions

1. The website(s) you link must

  • belong to you
  • be real site(s) set up to offer a service or provide information to ordinary internet users.
  • have been in operation for at least 3 months already
  • feature original content
  • maintain a reasonable quality standard

You understand these criteria are introduced to protect against fraudulent offer claims.

2. We may grant an exemptions from the 3 month rule if we deem your website to be clearly genuine.

3. Virtual Blue LTD. decides if your website(s) are eligible, and Virtual Blue LTD's decision is final. Virtual Blue LTD. is under no obligation to make payments to any party using Coinetize.

4. You accept that payment will be made to you in Bitcoin, and will be paid in batches over a period of several days. The exchange rate as quoted by will be used at the time of each batch to calculate the equivalent dollar value sent. Payments will cease when the sum of the dollar values of batches sent equals $20. We do not attempt to predict exchange rates nor try to time sending of payments to affect exchange rates. You understand we do not guarantee what amount of bitcoin you will receive in total.

5. We will send bitcoin via our 'threshold' sending method in order to minimise fees. However you should be aware that you will incur transactions from the Bitcoin network. We estimate this should be around 0.1 - 0.2 %. However, we cannot guarantee the exact fee.

5. You understand you will also incur the normal 1.8% fee which Coinetize collects on payments.

6. You may benefit from the offer more than once by linking more than one website. However all websites must have different domain names (they cannot be subdomains of the same domain) and ip addresses to qualify.

7. This offer may be changed or revoked at any time at the sole discretion of Virtual Blue LTD.